ADVERTISING SERVICES in the XXI International Exhibition “Spring in Gomel” – virtual version

In order to expand information exchange with representatives of the business community of the Gomel region, as well as foreign countries, we offer you to place an online advertising banner on the main page of the exhibition

In addition, we offer you the following services:
development and production of multimedia presentations (135 Euro);
development and production of an advertising video (170 Euro)

Cost of participation in the exhibition (for organizations that are not members of the BelCCI):

1. The organization’s participation in the exhibition (placement of a business card, commercial offer, or video clip for up to 30 seconds)

38 Euro
2. Participation in B2B and B2C negotiations (online) 31 Euro
3. Participation in the webinar 25 Euro
4. Placing an Internet banner on the main page of the exhibition 38 Euro
5. Placement of information in the exhibition catalogue 9 Euro

6. Comprehensive service including points 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (for special price)

140 Euro

Contact person:
Vitaliy Shevchenko, tel.:+375 232 236222,  e-mail: