Message of Chairman of the Gomel region Executive Committee, Gennady Solovei to the guests and participants of the exhibition.


Welcome all guests and participants of

the International Exhibition “Spring in Gomel-2020”!


       This year’s largest regional exhibition is held in an unusual format, but the fact that it does take place, despite the difficult epidemiological situation in the country and in the world, testifies to the loyalty to traditions, hope for a speedy return to normal life and – what is especially important for me – that our enterprises continue to work, create and produce products in demand.

        Society has long come to the point when any conferences, seminars, business events can be very effectively held online. The epidemic simply boosted this transition. I hope that Gomel organizers will be able to prove the viability of such events by launching the first online Spring 2020.

         For us, the brand exhibition of the Gomel region has always been not only and not so much a commercial event, but a significant political event that brought together many diplomats and businessmen from different countries of the world.  Perhaps this format will provide an opportunity, though virtually, to significantly expand the audience of visitors to the exhibition of goods and services of Gomel manufacturers. And specifically created for this exhibition business cards-presentations of enterprises and their products will help achieve this. And I want to believe that the First Online Exhibition “Spring-2020” will attract the attention of the broad business community and by its end we will be able to count the number of visitors, the total number of countries that have shown interest in our region, and might as well, the potential mutually beneficial contracts.

Dear friends!

         I agree that there is no substitute for live human interaction, but the world does not stand still and we need to adapt to new realities and do everything possible to contribute to the further socio-economic strengthening of the region and increase the well-being of our residents. Today we are starting a new modern dialogue platform in the region, which will take you from anywhere in the world to hospitable Gomel in a matter of seconds, literally saving time and money, and giving you the fullest picture of the region’s producers and products.

        I wish the participants and guests of the International Exhibition “Spring in Gomel-2020” to find something interesting and useful with the prospect of mutually beneficial contracts, and I wish the organizers to achieve results that significantly exceed any expectations!