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Gomel Regional Union of Employers (GOSN) is a non-profit organization that unites 65 large and medium-sized enterprises of the Gomel region representing 13 branches of the national economic complex with a total number of more than 80 thousand employees. The main goal of the Union of Employers is to interact with public authorities and management, trade unions and their associations on the development and improvement of social partnership and improve the conditions for the financial and economic activities of enterprises and organizations, to represent the legitimate interests and protect the rights of their members in the field of social, labor and economic relations at various levels. The Union coordinates activities of its members, promotes their active participation in socio-economic processes, the development of a system of social partnership in the Gomel region.
JSC “Gomel Chemical Plant” is one of the leading enterprises of the petrochemical industry in Belarus, it specializes in production of complex phosphorus-containing fertilizers under the BelFert brand, as well as inorganic synthesis products.

The assortment list of the Company includes fertilizers (ammophos, ammoniated superphosphate, nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium fertilizers, liquid complex fertilizers for various crops), plant protection products, aluminum fluoride, cryolite, aerosil, sodium sulfite, etc.

JSC “Gomel Chemical Plant” has established itself in the markets of Belarus, the CIS countries and Western Europe as a reliable supplier producing high quality products.

Open Joint Stock Company “Gomel Distillery “Radamir”

Today it is rightfully considered one of the leaders of the Belarusian market of alcoholic beverages. This status is ensured, above all, by consistently high quality and a wide range of products.

The assortment of the Gomel distillery “Radamir” is represented by more than 40 types of products: balsams, brandy, classic and speciality vodkas, cognacs, dessert liqueurs, bitters. In the production of alcoholic beverages, the requirements of technical regulatory legal acts are observed, the quality of raw materials, auxiliary materials, and finished products is constantly monitored. In order to increase customer satisfaction, we produce high-quality and safe products, comply with environmental legislation, as well as create healthy and safe working conditions, the Company has introduced, certified and operates: food safety management system (FSMS) for compliance with the requirements of STB ISO 22000 -2020, the quality management system (QMS) for compliance with the requirements of STB ISO 9001-2015, the environmental management system for compliance with the requirements of STB ISO 14001-2017, the health and safety management system for professional activities for compliance with the requirements of STB ISO 45001-2020. The competitiveness of the products of the Gomel distillery “Radamir” is confirmed not only by numerous authoritative awards for quality and design at the national and international levels, but also by the trust of customers.

  Open Joint Stock Company “Kalinkovichi Meat Processing Plant”

JSC “Kalinkovichi Meat Processing Plant” is a dynamically developing enterprise of the Gomel region, which runs under the brand “Great Principality”. Today the company is one of the leaders in the meat processing industry thanks to a competent marketing strategy, impeccable financial and labor discipline. The main mission of the company is to create favorite meat products for people. The secret of success is high-quality raw materials and consumer orientation. The company has a rich, long history. Fierce competition encourages constant development and stimulates quality improvement, development of new technologies, and an increase in the range of products. Today it is a modern enterprise, ready for the challenges of the market. Products under the “Great Principality” trademark confidently compete in a wide segment of meat products, which confirms the high professionalism and well-coordinated work of the team and management. The total product range of the enterprise includes about 300 items of high-quality sausages, liver-pate products and blood sausages, gourmet products, semi-finished products, canned food and dumplings. A detailed control system has been developed at the production site, which allows you to track any deviations from quality and safety standards, to exercise control at all stages of production: from raw materials to finished products.

Providing meat products to the population of the country, JSC “Kalinkovichi Meat Processing Plant” is actively shipping it for export. The products are exported to Russia, Kazakhstan and other countries. For the stability of the enterprise, it is necessary to develop, for this, a constant search for new markets is carried out, this goal never loses its relevance.

An indisputable proof of the stable quality of products is the regular recognition in the domestic and foreign markets, which is confirmed by numerous awards and diplomas..

Limited Liability Company “MIRTEK-Engineering”

LLC “MIRTEK-engineering” is a developer and manufacturer of energy metering devices.

Main directions of activity:

  • Three-phase multifunctional electricity meters;
  • Single-phase multifunctional electricity meters;
  • Channel-forming equipment;
  • Multifunctional gas meters;
  • Multifunctional water meters.

The products manufactured by the enterprise are used in different countries of the world, including the Russian Federation, Belarus, Kazakhstan.

Open Joint Stock Company “Rogachev Dairy Plant”

OJSC “Rogachevsky MKK” is the largest producer of canned milk in the CIS. A wide range of products is also produced: hard, semi-hard and processed cheeses, whole milk products, products for baby food. The enterprise has a quality management system for the production of canned milk products, a food safety management system (HACCP) and an environmental management system have been introduced and certified. The production is certified for compliance with the requirements and standards “Halal”. The plant supplies products to the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Moldova, Mongolia, Kyrgyzstan, USA, UAE, Israel, China, Libya, Vietnam, Iran. Jordan. The invariably high quality of dairy products was awarded by dozens of diplomas and medals from republican and foreign competitions.

 Seismotekhnika OJSC is a developer and manufacturer of a wide range of high-tech oilfield and geophysical equipment.

Main operation fields:

  •  Mobile complexes for drilling and workover of wells;
  •  Drilling rigs with carrying capacity of stationary and echelon design;
  •  Vibration sources of seismic signals;
  •  Auxiliary oilfield equipment;
  •  Equipment for gas stations and oil depots;
  •  Provision of maintenance services.

The equipment manufactured by the enterprise is operated in more than 20 countries of the world, including the Russian Federation, Belarus, Venezuela, Ukraine, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan.

GOMSELMASH Holding is one of the largest manufacturers of agricultural machinery, one of the leaders in the world market for combines and other complex agricultural machinery. GOMSELMASH today is a modern diversified manufacturer that produces, under the GOMSELMASH brand, model ranges of grain and forage harvesters, snapping and potato harvesters, mowers and other agricultural equipment.

GOMSELMASH equipment includes 16 types of agricultural machines, 75 basic models and modifications, 70 types of adapters and devices for harvesting various crops. From these machines, agricultural enterprises with any cultivated area and a set of crops can choose the models that are most effective in their conditions.

Possessing a full range of modern production technologies, GOMSELMASH independently produces the main parts and assemblies of combines. This allows to better control quality, produce different types of machines at the same time, maintain affordable prices.

GOMSELMASH combines operate in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, Baltic countries, Argentina, Brazil, China, South Korea and other countries. The company has a wide distribution network, a number of joint ventures and assembly plants.

At present, the GOMSELMASH holding includes: Open Joint Stock Company Gomselmash – the managing company of the GOMSELMASH Holding, Open Joint Stock Company “Gomel Casting and Normale Plant – OJSC GZLiN”, Open Joint Stock Company Lidagroprommash – OJSC “Lidagroprommash”.

 JSC “Turov Dairy Plant” is a modern high-tech enterprise for the production of fresh soft and semi-hard cheeses produced according to European technologies. The first products were released in March 2013. The company’s products are presented on the market under the brands Bonfesto, CooKing and Fables about Cheese.

Main competitive advantages:

  •  use of high quality raw materials,
  •  stable quality and safety,
  •  organic productoin,
  •  a wide range of products,
  • optimum ratio of price and quality.

Currently, the company’s product portfolio includes more than 80 assortment positions of cheeses of the famous European varieties “Mozzarella”, “Mascarpone”, “Kremchiz”, “Ricotta”, “Provola”, “Provoletta”, “Scamorza”, “Cremolle”, “Edam” , “Gouda”, “Suluguni”, as well as cheeses of our own recipes using the Pasta Filat technology. The formula development is carried out with the direct participation and under the control of Italian technologists. Exports are over 80%.

State Historical and Cultural Institution “Gomel Palace and Park Ensemble” was created in 2007 on the basis of one of the oldest museums of the Republic of Belarus that began its history in 1919. Now, our institution is a multifunctional museum complex that comprises unique historic, cultural and nature sites: The Rumyantsev-Paskevich Residence, chapel and shrine of Paskevich counts, “Winter Garden” with observation tower, park – botanical nature heritage site of republican status, site of ancient Gomel settlement and the Sozh embankment.

In the palace of the Rumyantsevs and Paskevichs, there are permanent exhibitions of the museum, built on a thematic, interior and collection principle: “The owners of the Gomel estate Rumyantsevs and Paskevichs”, “The Red Living Room”, “Cult objects from the museum collection”, “Hall of receptions”. Some of the premises are used as exhibition halls.

More than 260,000 museum items are kept in the funds of the institution. Of particular interest among them are historical and memorial things, works of fine and decorative and applied art of the 18th – 19th centuries from the collection of the Paskevich family. Other significant collections are archaeological, manuscript and early printed books of the 16th – 19th centuries, a treasure of silver religious objects of the 18th – early 20th centuries, samples of Old Believer and folk icon painting, materials about prominent statesmen, military leaders, representatives of science, culture, education, life and whose activities were associated with the history of the region: A.A. Gromyko, L. S. Vygotsky, P. O. Sukh, K. K. Rokossovsky, G. G. Nissky.

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